Portraiture allows me to investigate humanity while exploring the domestic terrain in New Mexico. Presently, my pictorial series New Mexicans Told in Pictures targets the authentic Latino signifiers on the New Mexican landscape. Too often New Mexico is spotlighted for its turquoise artistry and Pueblo architecture while the people buried within are forgotten. As Barthes argues compelling images can “puncture” an audience—I argue my photography pierces viewers while introducing (or reintroducing) them properly to the Latino-sphere of New Mexico. My work attempts to mediate themes of counterculture, visual-eulogy, substance abuse survival, and economic despair.






Duke City Diaries by Frank Blazquez and John Acosta


Frank A. Blazquez


Instagram: @and_frank13


Frank Blazquez currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Emphasizing themes of Chicano marginalization defined by economic class and cultural identity, Blazquez utilizes subjects representing the counter-narrative in New Mexico.  

Blazquez graduated in 2018 with a BA in History from the University of New Mexico.

"In the search to portray the human side of the people who live and coexist in the atmosphere that transpires the War Zone, the photographer Frank Blazquez comes out armed with his camera to portray them and build a more realistic narrative of their lives."

-- VICE Mexico


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